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Peruvian Raw Honey Mama's Cacao Truffle Bar

by Honey Mama's Truffle

Peruvian raw cacao powder for the purist at heart – a lively, fruity and delicate flavor experience with an added oomph of antioxidants.

Made with single origin Peruvian cacao, raw organic honey, sprouted almonds, unrefined coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, and vanilla.

Honey Mama’s Cocoa Truffle Bars are changing the status quo. We move beyond the simple avoidance of “bad” with a recipe for everyday indulgence that contributes to health and vitality. The texture of our bars is like that of brownie batter, truffles, fudge – the real treat is learning they're made with the highest quality organic whole foods naturally free from refined sugar, dairy, gluten, and soy. Just imagine that “Your favorite candy bar went to a meditation retreat and came back enlightened”. Your most desired indulgence now treats you like the vibrant and vivacious person you are.

Please note: These delightful treats will soften and melt at temperatures above 72 degrees. Please refrigerate.

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