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Beauty Blush

Filtered Water, Schisandra Berry, Camu Camu Berry, Sea Buckthorn Berry, Lemon, Pineapple, Cherry

Fountain Of Youth

You have found the Fountain of Youth with this hydrating, beautifying tonic potion! The Beauty Tonic is super-rich source beauty vitamins and minerals!  Schisandra Berry firms skin and supports the growth of thick, shiny hair.  Camu Camu assists in collagen production and protects reproductive organs.  And Sea Buckthorn Berry is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C and the antioxidants, which assists in collagen preservation and production! 

Every drop of water is precious.Our H20 ionizer and filtration system produces the cleanest, healthiest, safest water in the world, which is why we use it in all of our products, from our coffee to our mylks! While most water filters add chemicals to the water to kill bacteria dual filtration system removes over 200 contaminates while adding hydrogen and oxygen into the water!

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