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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie

Peanut Butter, Banana, Maca, Cacao, Rice Protein, Pea Protein, Reshi, Cordyceps, Chaga, He Shou Wu, Honey, Plant Mylk.

Level out and get grounded with this peanut butter, chocolaty dream boat. Rich and grounding flavor blast with healthy fats, brain boosting vitamins and minerals. Super food mushrooms and Cacao power have been shown to stimulate brain function and boost overall brain health and immunity! 

Reishi is known as the "mushroom of immortality,"  is one of the most popular whole food functional mushrooms with various benefits. Reishi contains powerful, natural beta glucans that support the function of the immune system. Considered by many to be a superior adaptogen, Reishi works with your body to help manage daily physical, mental and emotional stress and restore balance in a natural and healthy way.

Cordyceps in Chinese and Tibetan cultures has been known for endurance, natural energy and a vitality elixir. An excellent coffee replacement to be added to your daily ritual or a pre-workout boost. This striking mushroom contains Cordycepin and other natural bioactive compounds. It supports the availability of oxygen in the body, which can help improve blood flow, a necessity for effective athletic performance.

Chaga is a free radical-fighting powerhouse. Often referred to as the "King of Medicinal Mushrooms," traditionally healers have extensively used Chaga extensively in North America, Europe and Asia, providing many natural bio-active compounds with significant antioxidant and immunity-supporting benefits. Dense is beta glucans, amino acid, potassium, zinc, calcium, and vitamins, including biotin, vitamin D, and B-vitamins. 

He Shou Wu is the holy grail of hair health in Chinese medicine. Studies show that He Shou Wu seems to shift hair follicles from damaged, dormant stages into rejuvenated, fast-growing ones that resemble hair growth patterns from our youth. This herb serves is also a aphrodisiac, by stimulating the adrenal gland’s production of sexual hormones, and bringing balance to the endocrine system. Making it a wonderful libido boost and restoring vitality.

No Preservatives, Additives, Chemicals, Dyes, Artificial Flavors ~ Just Pure Goodness.
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