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SUPER-SHROOMS CHOCOLATE COCONUT MIX – Cacao, Coconut Cream, Cinnamon, Pink Salt, Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga Mushrooms, He Shou Wu

Some of the most powerful, stress-combating agents in the field! Switch up that afternoon cup of coffee that will leave you crashing for a Coco Power Afternoon Flight, one that is sure give you a smooth landing, leaving you sharp, energized and powerful! Show them cool, calm and collected!

This blend of super- shrooms & adaptogens is POWERFUL, aiding endurance + longevity + recovery + immunity! This blend adds energy, strength and nourishment to increase the body’s resistance to stress, helping it overcome all health challenges more quickly!

We have specially created the Grove Boost Collection to help you control those sneaky, little triggers that rise with stress levels! Balance your health, happiness, beauty, brain and overall wellbeing with our Powder Boosters and Mixes! THRIVE in your day-to-day, go-go-go, busy life! Feel and look your best with our Grove Boosters created with extremely potent, pure, sustainable ingredients for effective products that nourish your wellbeing and elevate beauty! Add 1 tsp to your favorite smoothie, latte, coffee or tea!

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