Our Roots

The Grove was born out of a jetlag, exhaustion, headaches, dull skin and indigestion. As an international fashion consultant, I had the joyous honor of working with talented creatives molding the future of design, materials, events and content around the world. However, living out a suitcase, working in a different time-zone every week, no sense of routine, was all extremely taxing!

 I found myself seeking out a cold-pressed juice, wellness cafes with fresh, local, organic foods; yoga studios and health spas quickly became my sanctuary on the road. Leaning into a plant-based life and drinking a big bottle of fruits and veggies everyday rushing to work was the best way to start everyday & keep my energy and immune system strong.

 When I decided to leave the fashion industry and think about what was next, I kept coming back to my passion for natural health, wellbeing & sustainability! When moving back to Omaha, I was thrilled the community was ready for this new wave of healthcare & mindfulness!

 Now entering our 5th year and OPENING OUR 2nd location, I am more inspired, mindful and proud to be the creator and owner of The Grove! I am beyond grateful for the support & love from our customers, friends, family and my amazing team!

 Be ready, good things are coming ~

experience the power of food as medicine
through natural foods + potent adaptogens

We provide nourishment for a sharp mind, glowing body, healthy heart & happy soul! All of our products are plant-based, meaning that they’re made from plants. Placing plants at the center of our diets is a simple, powerful, and delicious way to improve our health and our environment. We do not use additives, preservatives, stabilizers, gums or added sugar.
Everything is made fresh daily in Omaha.

Local Farmers & Clean Ingredients

One of our top priorities is to offer sustainable access to plant-based nutrition & wellness of the highest quality. We take pride in the ingredients we source, from organic, locally-grown produce to clean, tested, activated superfoods and adaptogens, we feed you like family! We thank our famers and growers near and far who provide us with the essentials we need to function at our highest levels!  

Zero-Waste Facility 

From day one, it has been important for us to run a Zero-Waste Production Facility and Café. We have an intricate recycling program in store, which includes compost for our leftover juice pulp that gets cycled back into the soil and given back to our local farmers and is even used for potting soil for our shop plants! We also bottle our juices in recyclable glass bottles, Check out our Glass Bottle Recycle Program here!

Magic Unicorn Grove Team 

It is a gift to work with a bright, strong, mindful team, sharing the same passions and goals!  Each member of our Grove Family is an essential thread of the fabric we continue to weave.  Our customers know we have the best crew in town ;)


This place is just what Omaha needed. Not only the shop itself is gorgeous and relaxing but the food and juice was really yummy. GET. THE. CASHEW. PESTO. AVO. TOAST. It is life altering good. I had the Yoncé juice as well...just a really delicious and fresh meal. It isn't cheap, but the product is well worth it. FRESH and LOCAL

Amanda A

The Grove is great! I have always enjoyed their juices and protein milks. They do free delivery for subscriptions which is awesome and very convenient for me since I don't live close by. Definitely check it out!

Jessica S

This is a fabulous find!! Wholesome ingredients and the staff were friendly and helpful. Enjoyed the avocado toast and smoothie. Highly recommend.

Jeanine T

What a cute place! Delicious smoothie and great ambiance. Lots of fresh and clean ingredients, lots of juices to choose from. ♥️ highly recommend coming here! Can’t wait to be back.

Joycelyn P