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Green Routine Cleanse


Green Routine Cleanse
Best for Weight Loss, Bloating, Digestion
The Green Routine Cleanse is BEST for Weight-Loss, Bloating, Indigestion, Constipation and Overall Gut Health! All these leafy greens normalize the pH of the stomach so your body can break down foods more easily and absorb and distribute nutrients properly! This serious reboot will help everything from your digestion system to the color of your skin! Please allow 24 hours from purchase to start date so you can receive the freshed cold-pressed juices. 

6 - 16 oz Cold-Pressed Juices and Tonic!
1. Garden Grove
2. Matcha
3. Green Supreme
4. Celery Juice
5. Sweet Jane
6. Chai Hydrator

Plant-Based Diet Add-Ons:
1. Green Machine Smoothie
2. Protein Power Greens Bowl
3. Matcha Latte
4. Y-3 Shot

16oz Standard Cleanse
Cleanse Day Order
1. Morning
2. Mid-Morning
3. Lunch
4. Mid-afternoon
5. Dinner
6. Evening

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