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Detox Cleanse


Detox Cleanse
Best for Detoxifying & Rebooting the System
The Detox Cleanse is best for knocking the toxins and stressors we endure out of the system! From pollution to processed foods we absorb harmful chemicals everyday, not to mention our own bodies produce stress hormones like cortisol which can interfere immune function, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease and weight gain.

6 - 16oz Cold-Pressed Juice & Tonic
1. Sweet Jane
2. Tango
3. Knockout
4. Blue Jay
5. Royale Roots
6. Chai Hydrator

-Plant-Base Diet Add-Ons:
1. Grove Berry Smoothie
2. Acai Bowl
3. Goldyn Latte
4. Gut Shot

16oz Standard Cleanse
Cleanse Day Order
1. Morning
2. Mid-Morning
3. Lunch
4. Mid-afternoon
5. Dinner
6. Evening

*You will be prompted for cleanse pick up date and time, cleanse start date & any food allergies! Allow 24hr before your pick-up for the freshest product! Two pick-up times may be scheduled if needed! Substitutions may be made based on seasonal flavors and availability! Please contact us with questions or changes to your order at fresh@thegrovejuicery.com or 402-999-8286. Cleanses past their pickup date and time are not eligible for refunds.
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