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MAT-CHA-CHA - Alkaline Water, Almonds, Dates, *Matcha
*Anti-oxidant Powerhouse for Brain and Metabolism

MATCHA GREEN TEA Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green TeaMatcha is a superpure form of green tea known to boost energy, increase memory and detoxify the body. It's also loaded with antioxidants to help fight off beauty-stealing free radicals. A powder made from shade-grown green tea leaves, matcha offers crash-free caffeination for sustained energy, coupled with improved mental clarity from the amino acid L-theanine and MACA An ancient peruvian superfood, maca was long ago used by Peruvian warriors increase their strength and endurance. A natural energy booster maca has also been know to boost the libido. It is mountain harvested and extracted from the whole root for maximum phytonutrition.

We make our signature Grove Plant-Based, milk blend in house using almonds, steel-cut oats, dates for a bit of sweetness, alkaline water and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt! This creamy blend is what we use in all our bottled products as well as our cafe menu items ~ lattes, smoothies and oatmeal! It is not only full of flavor but contains protein, fiber, calcium (more than cow’s milk!), and Omega-3 fatty acids! The alkaline water balances the pH of the gut helping you digest easier and absorb more nutrients and use them more efficiently! Our raw and plant-based MYLK, does not contain any refined sugars, artificial ingredients, chemicals or preservatives! Perfect for those avoiding dairy and soy!

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