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Matcha, Lucuma, Cashews, Pea Protein, MCT Oil, Vanilla, Pink Salt, Maple Syrup, Filtered Water
*Anti-oxidant Powerhouse for Brain and Metabolism

MATCHA GREEN TEA Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green TeaMatcha is a superpure form of green tea known to boost energy, increase memory and detoxify the body. It's also loaded with antioxidants to help fight off beauty-stealing free radicals. A powder made from shade-grown green tea leaves, matcha offers crash-free caffeination for sustained energy, coupled with improved mental clarity from the amino acid L-theanine and MACA An ancient peruvian superfood, maca was long ago used by Peruvian warriors increase their strength and endurance. A natural energy booster maca has also been know to boost the libido. It is mountain harvested and extracted from the whole root for maximum phytonutrition.

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